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New App Could Disrupt the Biometric Clock Market

For immediate release:, a leader in Time and Attendance software, is set to release a new app that is poised to revolutionize the traditional biometric time clock. The new app, currently code named, “PicTime”, has been designed to take advantage of the readily available technology found in some of the most popular tablet devices. In turn, this will allow businesses to finally be able to afford a nearly 100% reliable employee verification process for tracking time.

The app will utilize the tablets integrated camera in order to take a photograph of the user as they record time punches. This picture will then be saved and uploaded to the TImeMD servers so that managers can at their leisure, compare the photograph with the personnel’s photo on file. This will allow managers to quickly identify those who might be abusing the time tracking process by “buddy punching”.

The process of “buddy punching” has created problems for management for years. The basic idea is that employee A receives a phone call from employee B asking if employee A will punch in for them. This typically occurs if employee A is running late and want’s to avoid disciplinary action or a deduction in wages. Employee B obliges by clocking in employee A by whatever means being used to track time.

In most cases the manager or supervisor is none-the-wiser. As a result hundreds of thousands of employees are taking advantage of this process each and every day. This results in millions of dollars of “stolen” time from employers. In order to address this problem, employers have sought technology by way of biometric verification as a possible solution.

Biometric verification, or a way of uniquely identifying an individual by some distinguishing biological trait, has been employed by companies for years as a possible solution to stop buddy punching. Some of the more common biometric devices are fingerprint readers, hand geometry, retina or iris pattern scanners.

However, most of these biometric solutions cost more then what most businesses can afford. Some even attempt to purchase cheap off-the-shelf solutions. They quickly discover these solutions are frustrating to use and suffer from a high failure rate when it comes to accurately identifying personnel. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The more accurate the biometric process needs to be, the more you’ll need to spend.

TimeMD has solved these problems by taking the complexity out of traditional biometric verification processes. Gone are the days of relying on complex programming and proprietary hardware solutions. When it comes to recording a time punch, TimeMD has adopted the philosophy that verification can come at any point, as long as the managers and supervisors have the tools they need to verify the employee. That way employees are free to record their punches knowing that management can at any time, verify they are who they say they are. This is done by verifying the photograph taken at the time of the punch.

“Our web based time and labor system can work with any open time clock or biometric device, but we developed the PicTime app to fill a void in the market. We consistently hear clients complaining about the cost of existing biometric solutions so we developed PicTime.” Says Erik Rowland, President of

According to Mr. Rowland, to further expedite the identification process of personnel, an e-mail can be sent automatically to the payroll or HR manager that displays dozens of actual pictures in addition to the employees validated photograph. In a matter of seconds the manager can then easily validate that the person clocking in and out was who they were supposed to be. has been offering an innovative web based solutions for nearly a decade by giving both small and larger employers a simple intuitive interface combined with the robust features needed to accommodate the most demanding employer.

“Because our system is purely web based, managers deployed all over the country have access to critical data in real-time all in one place simply by accessing their account online. The technology has changed the landscape of how employers manage their labor cost.” says Rowland.

Clients that used to review labor cost at the end of the month. Now instead of reviewing cost, users of TimeMD can manage it. They us the system to make immediate adjustments in labor allocation based on daily market conditions.

“Since labor is by far the largest expense for the majority of companies, real-time data is critical for managing it. Now, with PicTime, even our smallest clients can get real-time, validated data on their employees.” says Rowland.

To learn more about PicTime and how it can help your business, contact a representative today.

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