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Is building customer loyalty and having high levels of return customers key to the success of your hospitality based business?

Most often each visitor’s experience is unique not only to your property but also to your workforce. This means having the best, most efficient, friendly and professional staff will help set you apart from your competitors. However it also presents you with the highest cost of running your business – labor.

TimeMD helps you manage your workforce effectively and easily while at the same time keeping your employees productivity higher and overall satisfaction greater. Gone are the days of an employee having to take the time away from their work to find their supervisor to make a time-off request. Instead your workforce is able to access their information, make requests, view schedules, and more all while they “punch in” and “out” for the day.

Likewise, supervisors and managers can authorize approvals, submit “timecards”, make schedule changes and run reports on staffing in less time and more accurately, saving you money in errors and allowing your staff to focus on what is really important – your guests.

Multiple Location Job Tracking

Unlike other systems that require your staff to clock out from the same clock they clocked in from, our time system keeps your workforce in perfect sync with each other.

As long as your work force has access to one of our many time tracking options, they can record their punch with ease. Some of those options include:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptop/desktop interfaces
  • Proximity clocks
  • Biometric clocks
  • IVR

Messaging System to Relay Critical Information

Have you ever needed to convey an important message to a staff member before they clocked in? What about a reminder before they clocked out?

With TimeMD, your staff will have the ability to see and read important messages before being allowed to clock in our out ensuring they “get the message” the first time.

Easy-to-use Labor Scheduling & Time Off Tracking

Our scheduling system is one of the easiest to use and manage. With just a few clicks your schedule can be up and running in no time.

Your staff will also be able to enjoy more efficient day off tracking. Gone are the days of trying to keep track of poorly scribbled notes or relying on trying to remember some ones verbal request. Not only can day off requests be tracked easily in TimeMD but so can your accrual policies.

Automated Overtime Control & Forecasting

Never again will you have to wait for time sheets to be submitted and calculated just to figure out how much overtime needs to be paid. TimeMD will help you know well in advance of employees who are trending or forecasted to earn overtime.

Document Tracking

Does your staff ever complain about not having access to the most up-to-date company documents? Do you need a more reliable way to ensure important documents such as employee handbooks and company forms are distributed quickly and efficiently?

With TimeMD’s Document Tracker, you can rest assured your staff has access to this information from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Skill Tracking for Certification & Licensing

Does your staff require certain certifications in order to maintain a licensing status for your facility? If those certifications expire, is your facility at risk of loosing it’s accreditations? Our skill tracker will help remind management when certifications are set to expire so you can avoid this potentially devastating situations.

Payroll Exporting

When it’s time to cut pay checks, you need assurance you have accurate information. With TimeMD, not only is your information accurate but we’ll provide the tools you need to export that data to the payroll system of your choice.

No more calculating totals by hand. No more figuring out complicated overtime policies and no more re-keying information into another system. Let TimeMD take care of all that for you.


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