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DOL Continues to Ramp up Wage and Hour Enforcement


As reported in 2011, The U....

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Employee Scheduling

TimeMD provides an easy-to-use solution for creating and managing employee schedules. The TimeMD Scheduler makes it possible to see employee clock in times and scheduled work areas. You can then post your schedules and make them available for all employees to access from any internet connection.

TimeMD’s Scheduler and Time Tracker work together, giving management powerful tools to monitor attendance and control labor costs.

Some of the benefits of using TimeMD’s Scheduler:

  • Fully automated with ability to adjust or edit when necessary.
  • 100% web-based.
  • Compare scheduled time vs. actual time worked.
  • Quickly view forecasted overtime hours.
  • Company wide instant access to posted schedules.
  • Track & approve employee shift swapping.
  • Provides full management functions including time punch editing to saving days off.
  • Various view options to ensure a format that is compatible with your expectations.

Screen Shots

Calendar Centric View

Personnel Centric View

Labor Distribution View

Eliminate the stress surrounding employee scheduling through TimeMD’s Scheduler!

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