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ObamaCare is Here - Are You Ready?


On June 25, 2015 the Supreme Court rule 6-3 that subsidies obtained through were legal....

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Over 1,100 Gas Station Attendants Receive $5.5 Million in Back Wages & Damages


In the past five years, more than 1,100 attendants at Shell, Exxon,...

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DOL Continues to Ramp up Wage and Hour Enforcement


As reported in 2011, The U....

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Real-Time Reporting

TimeMD offers a wide range of reports to give management real-time data to make informed decisions. The ability to run reports from TimeMD saves time and lowers overall operating costs for your organization.

Some of the benefits of using TimeMD’s Real-Time Reporting.

  • Report results can be sent directly to your e-mail address without having to login to the system.
  • Export report results to common spread sheet programs like Excel.
  • Build reports to preset parameters or choose your own.
  • Report results are available from any internet connection.

Screen Shots

Below are screen shots from a few of our more popular reports.

Time Tracker Report

Attendance Report

Day Off Accrual Report

Report Input Screen Example

Auto-Notify Input Screen

Reports don’t need to be complicated. TimeMD provides powerful reports that are simple to create and easy to read.

View a demo today and see for yourself how TimeMD can help increase company efficiency and productivity through effective and real-time reporting.