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TimeMD Tablet App

The official TimeMD App is released and ready for download from both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play! The app has been designed to take advantage of the readily available technology found in the most popular tablet devices found in the market today. This finally allows businesses an affordable, nearly 100% reliable employee verification process for tracking time.

Install Link for iPad (click from your iPad to install).
Supports iPad vs 2 and 3.
Install Link for Android (click from your android tablet to install).
Supports Android vs 3.2 or greater on tablets with front-facing cameras and a minimum screen resolution of 1024×600.

- View Supported Tablets. (NOTE: This is a partial list only)
- View Wall Mounting Options. (Only iPad related options are currently shown)

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App Overview

The Offical TimeMD App utilizes your tablets integrated camera in order to take a photograph of your employee as they record their time. This picture will then be saved and uploaded to the TimeMD servers. This allows managers the ability to compare the photograph with the personnel’s photo on file. Managers can quickly identify those who might be abusing the time tracking process by comparing the photograph with the employees picture on file.

The Buddy Punching Dilemma

App ScreenshotThe process of “buddy punching” has created problems for management for years. The basic idea is that employee A receives a phone call from employee B asking if employee A will punch in for them. Employee B, feeling obligated to their friend, clocks in employee A.

In most cases management may be aware that buddy punching is going on but have no idea by whom or how often. As a result millions of dollars worth of time is “stolen” from businesses all over the nation. In order to address this problem, employers have looked too technology for a possible solution. To date, biometrics has been the only choice.

Biometric verification, or in other words, a way of uniquely identifying an individual by some distinguishing biological trait, has been employed by companies for years as a possible solution to stop buddy punching. Some of the more common biometric devices are fingerprint readers, hand geometry, retina or iris pattern scanners.

However, most of these biometric solutions cost more then what most businesses can afford. As a result, many businesses attempt to purchase cheap off-the-shelf solutions. They quickly discover these solutions are frustrating to use and suffer from a high failure rate. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The more accurate the biometric process you require, the more you’re going to spend.

Other companies are concerned about privay laws and whether or not sensitive biometric data will be abused or shared with other entities. Despite the fact this risk is very small, the concern still exists. In some cases, no matter how much assurance you can provide, they simply don’t want to take that risk.

A Game Changing Solution

TimeMD has solved these problems by taking the complexity out of traditional biometric verification processes. When it comes to recording a time punch, TimeMD has adopted the philosophy that verification can come at any point, as long as the managers and supervisors have the tools they need to verify the employee. Employees are free to record their punches knowing that management can at any time, verify they are who they say they are by way of the picture taken at the time of the punch. This also eliminates any requirements to send or store sensitive biometric data such as fingerprints or hand patterns.

“Our web based time and labor system can work with virtually any time clock or biometric device, but we developed the TimeMD app to fill a void in the marketplace. We consistently hear clients complaining about the cost of existing biometric solutions.” Says Erik Rowland, President of “By downloading our free Official App, clients can convert their existing tablets to a wall-mountable time clock.” has been offering an innovative web based solutions for nearly a decade. They provide time tracking tools for both small and larg employers. While the TimeMD interface is simple and intuitive, it can be combined with robust features needed to accommodate the most demanding employer.

“Because our system is purely web based, managers deployed all over the nation have access to critical data in real-time all in one place simply by accessing their account online. The technology has changed the landscape of how employers manage their labor cost.” says Rowland.

Clients that are accustomted to reviewing labor cost at the end of the month can now review costs in real-time. They can use the system to make immediate adjustments in labor allocation based on daily market conditions.

“Since labor is by far the largest expense for the majority of companies, real-time data is critical for managing it. Now, with the release of the Official TimeMD App, even our smallest clients can get both real-time and validated data on their employees.” says Rowland.

To learn more about the Official TimeMD App and how it can help your business, contact a representative today.