Affiliate Program

Know of a company or two that could benefit from using TimeMD? Maybe you have a bunch of clients yourself and would like to resell TimeMD to them.

Well you’re in luck! We’re making it worth your while to send business our way. We can either pay you a commission on the sale or we can extend a substantial discount if you wish to resell TimeMD to your own clients.

Qualified Reseller’s

Our Reseller Program is designed for those entities that wish to extend TimeMD as a new service to an existing client base. As a qualified reseller, you’ll receive the following:

  • A white labeled version of TimeMD designed to match your existing brand
  • Full marketing packet branded with your company logo
  • Full TimeMD licenses billed at our “significantly” reduced wholesale rates

Who would benefit as a qualified TimeMD reseller? Well if you’re a PEO, ASO or payroll company, then this program is designed just for you. Learn More or Sign Up today

Referring Affiliates

If referring clients is more to your liking, then our Referring Affiliate program is what you’re looking for. We have a generous commission structure which is paid at the begining of each month. Best of all, we do all the work including demos, implementations, etc. You just send us the contact information and we’ll take it from there.

Who makes a good Referring Affiliate?

  • Business Consultants
  • Franchise Operators
  • Tax & Accounting Professionals
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Agents
  • HR Professionals
  • Wage & Hour Litigators

Not in the list above? No worries, even if you just know some companies that could benefit from TimeMD, then what are you waiting for – Sign-Up as a Referring Affiliate today and we’ll help you get the ball rolling!

Referral Commission Structure

Total Active Users1 Commission Rate Est. Monthly Payout2
1 The total number of active users is derived from the total number of users found within all clients associated to you.
2 Estimated monthly payout is based on a base price of $19 + number of active users multiplied by $4.00.
1-99 5% $0.95 – $20.75
100-199 6% $25.14 – $48.90
200-299 7% $57.33 – $85.05
One time bonus: $100
300-399 8% $97.52 – $129.20
400-499 9% $145.71 – $181.35
500-599 10% $201.90 – $241.50
One time bonus: $300
600-699 11% $266.09 – $309.65
700-799 12% $338.28 – $385.80
800-899 13% $418.47 – $469.95
900-999 14% $506.66 – $562.10
One time bonus: $500
1,000-1,999 15% $602.85 – $1,202.25
One time bonus: $1,000
2,000 or more 15% $1,202.85 and up

Become an Affiliate

Ready to sign-up as a TimeMD affiliate? What are you waiting for, sign-up today and start making some money!

Affiliate Sign-Up