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Warning Signs You Might Need a New Time System

Here are some warning signs that it might be time for a new time system. Fortunatly, TimeMD might be just what you’ve been looking for.


Sign #1: Inaccurate Data

Do your employees rely on “guess-ti-mation” when filling out their time records? Do you ever wonder how accurate your employees time might be? Unfortunatly with “garbage in” comes “garbage out”. By ensuring your data is as accurate as possible, you can make informed decisions that are critical to your businesses future.
The TimeMD Solution Due to multiple types of time entry methods, we can give you the tools your employees need for accurate time keeping.



Sign #2: Late or Missing Time Entries

We’re not talking about the occasional late or missing punch. We’re talking about the constant need to chase down employees for overdue time sheets and reports. How many times have you waited or delayed payroll due to missing time records? Never again! Timely and complete punches “are” possible.
The TimeMD Solution Punctual time tracking should and can be effortless. We give you the ability to monitor incomplete time data in real-time so you know instantly who needs to complete his or her entries.



Sign #3: Limited Accessibility

Have you ever had to go to the office on weekends or after hours just so you can review your employee time punches? Are they only accessible from a single location or computer? Even worse, are your time sheets still on paper? It’s time to take your time records on the go!
The TimeMD Solution Access your employee time records from wherever you have access to the internet. Whether it’s at work, home or even on vacation, access to your employees time records are just a few clicks away!



Sign #4: Limited Reporting? (Reporting. . . what’s that?)

To some, the very mention of labor reports brings a severe case of anxiety. There is no reason your time tracking solution shouldn’t have comprehensive, real-time reporting right at your fingertips. Most importantly, it should be easy, painless and accurate.
The TimeMD Solution We have all the reports you’ll ever need! Our reports are accurate, reliable and real-time… everything you need to make informed decisions.



Sign #5: Manual Re-Entry. . . Again. . . and Again. . .

Are you spending huge amounts of time transferring time punches from one source to another? Do you sometimse struggle trying to make sense of hand-written records? There’s no reason you should be re-keying data or squinting over hard-to-read time sheets. Not only is manual data entry tedious, it’s also highly inaccurate.
The TimeMD Solution Since all time related data is entered through a central source, you’ll never need to worry about transferring data again. Just imagine how it will feel knowing your entire business is in sync when it comes to your employee’s time records.


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