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Not only have we been around longer than most all web-based time systems (over 10 years and counting), we understand the importance of a system that is always available and easy to use. Try us FREE today!

Our Value

Mobile Friendly

From geo tagging to tracking time via text message, we’ve made sure TimeMD has all the features you’d expect for a mobile workforce.

Employee Scheduling

The Scheduler makes it possible to see your employee punches and work times all in one view. Manage, edit and distribute in one place.

Day Off Tracking

Gone are the days of the headache of keeping track of post-it notes, emails and word-of-mouth. Focus again on profits rather than who’s taking this Friday off.

Ultra Fast Load Speed

Over the years we have invested thousands in dollars and man hours to ensure your data is delivered quickly and accurately.

Our Goal Is To Build The Best Clock Possible

With TimeMD, your employees can track time directly from their workstation or mobile device. Simply access our WebClock via any web browser. If workstations aren’t available, you can utilize wall clocks, mobile devices or text messaging. As long as you have access to the internet, you have a way to track time with TimeMD.

Why Janitorial Companies Love Our Clock

Simple Clock In and Clock Out

Time Tracking with GPS

Work Schedule App

Employess use Their Own Device

Workforce Communication

Attendance Dashboard

MapTime Overview - Top Rated Janitorial App

MapTime actually means Mobile Alert Position Time. With MapTime, our system sends out a text message alert to your employees mobile device the moment your employee should record a punch. In that text message is a special link your employee clicks. The link gives us all the information we need to know who they are as well as their GPS position.

With that, we can verify who the employee is where they’re supposed to be. If your employee is where they’re supposed to be, we record their punch. If they aren’t we let them know they need to get to the right place before their time can be recorded.

With MapTime, you’ll know your employee is tracking time when and where they should be. No more early arrivals, late departures or buddy punching.

Some features of MapTime include:

Define Your GeoFence

Set Your Schedule

Sit Back & Relax

Payroll Integrations

Here is a partial list of payroll platforms we support. If your payroll platform isn’t listed, please let us know. With very few exceptions, we can do your payroll integration at no extra cost.

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