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Common Questions

How is your system different then other time systems?

Most other time systems typically require the installation of proprietary software on your computer. Sometimes this software is needed for managing your time. Other times it’s needed to communicate with their hardware solutions.

Either way this means that you’re extremely limited to where and how you can access your data. This also means you’re responsible for installing and maintaining the software as well as the hardware it’s running on.

TimeMD is different in that it is 100% web-based. That means that all our software is hosted remotley. We take care of the updates and maintain the hardware so you don’t have too. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a web browser.

By developing TimeMD this way allows us to manage all enhancements and maintenance without interrupting your service or requiring updates.

How long will it take to set up my account?

This varies on your account set-up. Most users can be up and running within minutes. However if you have complexe time tracking requirements or if you need help with your set-up, it could take a couple of days.

What web browswers do you support?

We support all major browsers whether it’s on a PC or Mac. TimeMD is a platform independent system.

Can we use a more traditional time clock rather then a web-based clock?

Absolutely! Even though our web clock is by far the most cost effective time tracking option, we recognize the fact that not all companies can accommodate that type of time tracking.

We have a number of hardware solutions that are ready to work right out of the box in order to communicate directly with your account. It’s about as plug-n-play and easy as you can get.

Contact one of our sales associates and we’ll be happy to discuss what hardware options are available.

Billing & Payment

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account anytime. All we ask is 30 days notice. Simply contact a customer support rep and let them know the last day you wish to use the system.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently support direct billing, ACH and credit card payments. We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Can I set up an auto payment from my bank account rather then using a credit card or check?

Absolutely! Let us know if you prefer this form of payment and we’ll send you the information you’ll need to set this up.

Tracking Time

If someone forgets to clock in or out, is it easy to fix?

It sure is. Notifications can be setup to notify managers as well as many other types of time tracking violations. Once your manager is aware of the violation, they can make the necessary changes quickly and easily from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Every change made to a time entry is then documented and made available on demand.

Can employees change their own time entries?

Only if you give them persmission to do so. You see, everything in TimeMD is permission based. Therefore this type of permission can be turned on or off for any employee that requires this type of functionality.

Either way you can rest assured that TimeMD allows your employees only the functionality and access you want them to have.

We round our time entries, can you support that?

Yes! TimeMD is the only system on the market today that supports an unlimited number of rounding rules – from the basic to the most complex. If you can dream it, chances are we can support it.

A critical component of rounding is making sure a complete historical record is made for each entry. We store both the rounded time as well as the actual time so that in case of a wage and hour audit, you’ll have all the information you need to come out on top.

What about breaks or meals, can your system track those?

Yes! Not only can we track breaks but they can be automatically deducted from your employees time entries if desired.

Can we track time for multiple locations with multiple offices under a single account?

Not at all. Not only do we support an unlimited number of locations, you can setup an unlimited number of employees. Plus, since TimeMD is web-based, all your locations will have access to the same data.

Employees can also clock in from one location and clock out from another. No need to clock out from the same clock they’ve clocked into. TimeMD will sync all your time records and make them available wherever you are.

If this is web-based, how do you stop people from tracking time from home?

Great question. We get asked this all the time. We’ve developed multiple layers of security to prevent this very thing from happening. Furthermore, from within your account preferences, you have the ability to authorize exactly where and how your employees interact with TimeMD.

Rest assured we’ve taken every precaution necessary to prevent abuse or threats to your time records.

Can my company use both the online time tracking and a wall clock?

Yes – this is actually one of the founding principles for why TimeMD was created in the first place.

By default everyone has access to our web-clock in order to track time. However we recognize that not everyone has access to a computer connected to the internet while at work. For that reason we have hardware solutions that come ready to work pretty much straight out of the box.

These “wall clocks” talk directly with our servers and time is automatically polled so you literally don’t have to do a thing other then review the time once in TimeMD.

Miscellaneous Questions

Can you track holiday hours?

Yes! Once you’ve setup which holidays you’d like to track, those hours are automatically included in your payroll report for eligible employees. In order to make sure you don’t miss anything, TimeMD allows you to setup as many holidays as needed.

Can I track reimbursements or other expenses?

Yes! We can even include expense related data for use in your payroll process. You also have available comprehensive reporting tools that will help keep you aware of these types of expenses.

Can your system keep track of days off and accruals?

As a matter of fact TimeMD has one of the “most” comprehensive day off accrual tracking systems available on the market. You can setup an unlimited number of day off accrual policies and your employees day off requests can be automatically included when calculating payroll.

Imagine not having to dig out day off request forms or spending countless hours calculating by hand how many day off hours your employees have earned. TimeMD takes care of all this for you – accurately and in real-time.

How long will you store my data?

Your data is stored indefinitely. Rest assured that for as long as you have an active account with TimeMD, all your data is just a few clicks away. This includes both active AND in-active personnel. If you wish to archive your time tracking records, you’re free to do so however it’s not required.

We have a complicated overtime policy, can you accommodate that?

We sure can! We can even accommodate some of the most complicated requirements you can find. Our goal is to ensure that your time record keeping is as compliant as possible with all state and federal regulations.

Even if your business observes policies that go above and beyond the governments guidelines, we’re happy to work with you to ensure compliance on all levels.

Did you find what you were looking for? If not, feel free to contact us and a representative will get back with you as soon as possible.

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